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Kimberly Howell

The story of Glow Butter begins on a hot, dry day in Arizona, 2014. I had recently turned 40, and I had been traveling around the country in a motor home with my husband and two kids for a year and a half straight, through what felt like a million different climates and seasons. We took a hike that day in beautiful Indian Bread Rocks, and my husband snapped a picture of me. The background was gorgeous, but I was dismayed by how dull and lifeless my skin looked. It was particularly sad because I had always taken such pride in how well I cared for my skin. Throughout my 30s, I had used a famously expensive skin cream, but traveling full-time required radical economizing, and I just couldn’t justify the $160 per ounce anymore. All in all, I assumed that the sad appearance of my skin must be the natural consequence of my age and our penny-pinching, nomadic, sometimes physically harsh lifestyle, and that I would simply have to accept it and move on.

Traveling through the southwest, I had developed an interest in the Native American tribes that had once lived throughout that part of the country and were now so sadly dwindled - in some cases, gone. Everything that I read impressed me with the richness and beauty of their cultures. I liked to learn about the tribes that were native to each specific area that we traveled through, so that night, after our hike, I looked up the tribe that had once lived at Indian Bread Rocks. I found a trove of photographs online, and, given that my mind was still on my own disappointing snapshot earlier that day, one of the first things I noticed was the radiance of their skin and hair, despite the harsh, dry environment. This was the same climate that I was blaming for my skin woes, and many of the people in the photographs were much older than I was, and yet somehow, with no $160 skin cream, their skin seemed to glow with health. How could that be? Clearly, I must be doing something wrong.

That’s when I began to experiment with making my own lotions and salves, using only simple ingredients that could be found in nature. I started with a whipped body butter that ended up melting like oily ice cream, and I went through batch after batch of additions and subtractions and tweaks…and eventually found my way to Glow Butter. It’s no exaggeration to say that Glow Butter has changed my life. It has healed and revived my dry, tired, creased skin, and in the process, it has given me a new, optimistic outlook on aging. Finding my Glow has been the highlight of my 40s…I can’t wait to see you discover yours, too!

Kimberly Howell

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