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Koyuki Smith on finding her GLOW

Rockstar doula and mom, Koyuki Smith on finding her GLOW!

I didn't have a strong point of view about skin care until I had a baby. Until that point, I would casually try random sequences of products that I found in magazines, drugstores, or various boutiques. I didn't really question what was in them, whether they did what they claimed to do, or whether I really needed them at all. My skin wasn't terrible, but it wasn't especially reliable either - I would have random breakouts, dry irritation paired with occasional terrible oiliness, a consistently bumpy forehead, and dull, uneven coloring that particularly stood out in photographs. 

When I had my first baby at age 29 in 2007, I took a good hard look at my skin care practices for the first time. I was doing a ton of babywearing, a ton of breastfeeding, and a ton of plain old cuddling, and it was suddenly really obvious to me that anything I put on my hair or skin would go straight into my baby's mouth - and equally obvious to me that I was using far too many products, the majority of which were not suitable for human ingestion. I decided that I needed to simplify my skin care routine and stop using products that had artificial ingredients or fragrances, or any chemicals - like parabens or oxybenzone - that were known to be unhealthy. 

As the years went by, I pared down my skin care routine more and more, until it became so minimalist that I was only using pure plant oils on their own for cleansing and moisturizing. (I also had another baby and embarked on a new career as a childbirth educator and doula.) My skin was far better-behaved than it had been in my 20s, but I didn't really feel as though I had especially "good skin" - it still often looked dull and uneven to me in pictures. Also, I as rolled into my late 30s, I began to see signs of age: sun spots, fine lines around my eyes and mouth, and thicker, rougher skin on my neck and chest.

This is where Boheme Luxe comes in! Kimber Howell and I first bonded as fellow unschooling moms...and then one day she mentioned that she made a cream called Glow Butter, and she gave me a little sample. It rolled around in the bottom of my bag for a little while...until I finally tried it...and was immediately HOOKED. My skin was instantly brighter, clearer, smoother, and more even - and I definitely understood the name, because I truly felt as though I was GLOWING.

A little while later, Kimber came up with Sunshine Glow (face cleanser) and Goddess Glow (body cleanser), and I'm proud to say that I was one of the very first test bunnies! After just one test run, I was an immediate convert to the cleansers as well. Used together with Glow Butter, they brought incredible moisture and softness to my skin, particularly to trouble spots. My previously thicker, rougher neck and chest skin now feels as smooth and delicate as my cheek skin...and if I may speak of cheeks for a moment, I used to have dry, rough patches on my booty that have never responded to any cream, oil, or scrub - except Goddess Glow. In short, my skin - all of it - has gone from being merely not-troublesome to being what I would consider one of my strongest features. I feel soft, smooth, and even from every angle, head to toe. 

I can say with all honestly that Kimber's Boheme Luxe creations have changed my life in a small way. I'm 39 now, and I'm not afraid of my current age, or of aging further. I feel confident in the beauty of my healthy, glowing skin, no matter how little makeup - or clothing! - I'm wearing. And the very best part is that I haven't had to abandon my original skincare goals; my routine is short and sweet, and the products are all entirely natural, and all made with love in a tiny kitchen in Brooklyn where I have spent many happy hours.


Koyuki Smith, LCCE 

Childbirth Educator and Doula

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